Leith News: July 2007:

Pressure mounts on trust to ditch Lamb's house flats plan: Scotsman: 28/07/07

Simmons will go for gold: Scotsman: 28/07/07

Lack of business cash 'may leave taxpayers with tram shortfall: Scotsman: 28/07/07

Massive dig planned for Edinburgh trams: Earth Times: 27/07/07

£600m tram lilne work 'will disrupt traffic until 2011': Scotsman: 26/07/07

Artist's small contribution to festival: Evening News: 26/07/07

Concern as old eye problem hits Mhura: Scotsman: 26/07/07

Edinburgh tram timetable revealed: BBC News: 24/07/07

Arthur's a top ten hit with Americans: Scotsman: 24/07/07

Leith link to Simpson star: Scotsman: 23/07/07

Arthur stakes his claim on world crown: Scotsman: 23/07/07

Beanscene gives capital high five with new store in Leith: AllMedia Scotland: 20/07/07

Daniel drives into final with safety film: Scotsman: 19/07/07

Children aged 13 caught in blitz on underage drinkers: Scotsman: 19/07/07

A fun summer for youngsters: Evening News: 16/07/07

Leith Film Festival launches programme: AllMedia: 16/07/07

Pilrig keep pressure on Parkside in the title race: Evening News: 16/07/07

Rae adamant defence can be best form of attack: Evening News: 14/07/07

Music not dead but less healthy for loss of Fopp: Evening News: 13/07/07

MP to drink in views at local: Evening News: 12/07/07

It's game on for Leith Links vision: Evening News: 12/07/07

Restaurant in late hours win: Evening News: 12/07/07

Forget Broadway, Leith Walk has its own delights: Evening News: 12/07/07

Hotel seeking film students for 'sequel': Evening News: 11/07/07

Boxers can punch with Arthur in gym fit for champ: Evening News: 11/07/07

Day one of tram project and already warnings of overspend: Scotsman: 10/07/07

Roadworks alert as tram team gets ready to roll: Evening News: 09/07/07

Work begins on city tram project: BBC News: 07/07/07

A yacht to call your own - Cruz restaurant review: Scotsman: 07/07/07

Ernie's tour of Scots courses takes him to Leith: Evening News: 06/07/07

Leith Spa makes gong shortlist: Evening News: 05/07/07

MP delivers passport joy for boxer Mhura: Evening News: 05/07/07

Ducks of hazard make bid for freedom: Scotsman: 04/07/07

Gas cannister mistaken for torpedo: BBC News: 02/07/07

Youngsters urged to pipe up: Evening News: 02/07/07

Pupi buddies get thumbs-up: Evening News: 02/07/07

It's Leith for starters as work starts on trams: Evening News: 02/07/07

Britannia sails past rivals to be top attraction: Evening News: 02/07/07