Leith News: December 2007:

Dodgy landlord's property seminars: Scotland's Sunday Mail: 30/12/07

US mogul foils £500 web name hijack scheme: Evening News: 29/12/07

Yogi and Mixu best bets for Leith hot seat: Evening News: 29/12/07

Tram scheme ready to deliver new plaza for Ocean Terminal: Evening News: 27/12/07

Three banks cash up into one: Evening News: 26/12/07

City's biggest low-cost housing project sets up home by the sea: Evening News: 24/12/07

SPL Star one of 20 made homeless: Sunday Mail: 23/12/07

City recycles plan for bikes on trams: Evening News: 22/12/07

The Belly of the Beast: Scotsman: 22/12/07

We'll put 'wow' into Waterfront: Evening News: 21/12/07

Hotel group plans £20m complex for the capital - Airport or Leith?: Scotsman: 19/12/07

Did you hear the one about the evening classes for comics?: Evening News: 18/12/07

Developer forced to think again on 'Skyscraper': Evening News: 13/12/07

We won't spend another Christmas without a home: Evening News: 13/12/07

Minister stops at hostel to deliver tree: Evening News: 08/12/07

Crowd gives a festive cheer as Sir Tom lights up Leith: Evening News: 07/12/07

Serial entrepeneur praises Water of Leith's floating office complex: AllMedia Scotland: 06/12/07

Poppanother one in the bag for Dr Wali: Evening News: 06/12/07

Ship-to-ship oil transfer Bill to be floated: Evening News: 05/12/07

Waste plant in firing line hits back at critics: Evening News: 04/12/07

John Lewis chief hits out at Ocean Terminal expansion: Evening News: 03/12/07

Top Gear wins through against Jammeh power: Evening News: 03/12/07

Will Rod bring the baby back to Leith: Evening News: 03/12/07

Judo cash crisis threatens to floor medal hopes: Evening News: 03/12/07

Lazarowicz to introduce bill on ship-to-ship oil transfers: Scotsman: 03/12/07

Comedian Bailey sets up merchandising firm in Leith: Sunday Herald: 02/12/07

Cash paves way for street revamp: Evening News: 01/12/07

Clayton wants Fletcher to strike new Hibs deal:Evening News: 01/12/07

Making a difference to the lives of the homeless: Evening News: 01/12/07