Scottish Design Exchange


The Scottish Design Exchange is a concept store, offering a new model for retail based on sharing. We have built a collective of artists and designers who share the rental cost of a major retail unit in a high footfall centre. 100% of the sales price goes to the artist and designer, with no commission. We are also a living wage company.

Our income is used to pay the staff, the cost of the unit, and to market and promote the artists’ and designers’ work. Any additional profits which are not reinvested into the business are donated to local community projects, via a charitable arm.

The Scottish Design Exchange is a social enterprise within which artists, designers and others share a retail space to sell their work, develop their products and brands, and benefit their communities.

Most small-scale designers, manufacturers, artists and independent publishers use retail outlets which take a commission when selling their work. The Scottish Design Exchange was the brainchild of Lynzi Leroy, who wanted to see what would happen if that model were inverted.

The designers, artists and other brands who sell in the Design Exchange pay the Design Exchange (known as the SDX) a shelf rental space and thereafter charge their own prices.

The Scottish Design Exchange is a not-for-profit companyand profits from the shop are used to fund initiatives and projects with social goals, particularly those which will in turn generate products which can be sold in the shop.

Since opening in August 2015, the SDX has paid nearly half a million pounds directly to artists and other micro-businesses.  There are many advantages to this model, and the financial returns made to the small businesses and sole traders in question is just one. The collective power of the 120 - 130 businesses working there allows for networking and improved communication and growth in the fields of furniture m aking, fashion, jewellery, publishing, music, art and other creative industries.

Visit the store on the first floor of Ocean Terminal, to see a huge range of unique, Scottish made products, and remember when you buy something there, 100% of the sales will go the manufacturer.

Opening Times

Scottish Design Exchange is open for business on the following days:

Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 6:00
Sunday 11:00 - 5:00

First Floor,
Ocean Terminal,
Ocean Drive,
Edinburgh EH6 6JJ

0770 2274 033

Scottish Design ExchangeScottish Design Exchange