Edinburgh Trams News: May 2018:

Greens threaten to pull support for Edinburgh trams extension: Scotsman: 31/05/18

Edinburgh council has learned 'important lesson' from controversial tram project, inquiry hears: Herald Scotland: 26/05/18

Edinburgh trams contract described as a 'poor deal': STV Edinburgh: 25/05/18

Tram contract held Edinburgh Council 'to ransom': New Civil Engineer: 24/05/18

Edinburgh trams project was 'ridiculous' claims top QC: 24/05/18

Contractor bids to block Edinburgh tram docs release: Construction News: 24/05/18

Edinburgh tram company loses bid to have reports kept secret: Herald Scotland: 10/05/18

Ambitious plans set to ‘revamp’ Edinburgh: PBC Today: 09/05/18

Heritage watchdog: Edinburgh trams plan puts historic street 'under threat': Herald Scotland: 03/05/18

Shops along proposed Edinburgh tram extension route demand support: Scotsman: 02/05/18

3000 share views in Edinburgh tram consultation: Herald Scotland: 02/05/18