Edinburgh Trams News: October 2017:

Edinburgh tram inquiry: External legal input ‘was not necessary’: Evening News: 28/10/17

Edinburgh Trams director: Tackling cost problems will 'open up the whole can of worms': Herald Scotland: 24/10/17

Leith Landmark to Appear on Edinburgh Trams: Edinburgh Reporter: 16/10/17

Lawyer admits he may have committed fraud during delayed Edinburgh Trams project: Herald Scotland: 12/10/17

Edinburgh tram lawyer gave false information to the council: Scotsman: 11/10/17

Lawyer who received £50k thank you for tram project had to pay it back: Evening News: 10/10/17

Edinburgh Trams’ green gain blasted as only one per cent pollution cut along route: Herald Scotland: 09/10/17

How Edinburgh’s ‘bigger trams’ may have increased costs: Evening News: 08/10/17

Tram inquiry hears hole was dug then filled in for photocall: Scotsman: 06/10/17

Edinburgh tram extension ‘must wait for inquiry verdict’: Scotsman: 03/10/17