Edinburgh Trams News: June 2017:

(Heavily subsidised!) Edinburgh Trams announce operating profit...: Edinburgh Reporter: 29/06/17 - so have the trams really made a profit?

Conservatives name Cook to continue as Transport spokesman: Edinburgh Reporter: 23/06/17

Crown investigating Edinburgh tramline cyclist death: Road.cc: 17/06/17

Sunshine on Leith – with or without trams: Scotsman: 15/06/17

Reduced service to continue on Edinburgh Trams due to flooding: Evening News: 08/06/17

Edinburgh tram track safety call at protest over cyclist's death: The National: 08/06/17

Expert’s cycle lane warning ‘ignored’ by Edinburgh tram chiefs: Scotsman: 05/06/17

Claims cyclist safety on Edinburgh Trams network was ignored: Herald Scotland: 04/06/17

Remains of M'sian med student killed in Edinburgh on the way home: New Straits Times: 04/06/17

Edinburgh tram track safety warnings 'ignored', say lawyers: BBC News: 01/06/17

Cycle safety to be reviewed after Edinburgh tram line death: Scotsman: 01/06/17

Cyclist in tramline near-miss weeks before fatal crash: STV Edinburgh: 01/06/17

Concerns raised about tram track safety at FMQs: Evening News: 01/06/17